Do you like globalization?

No one can deny globalization. Globalization is integration of economics throughout the world, enabled by technological progress. However, it has become part of our life. It can give many advantages and disadvantages.

With globalization, we have big market. As a result, we can sell our products to world’s market using internet and another infrastructure. Now, there are many websites implementing e-commerce. We can display our product there. Thus, our product can be bought by anyone in world. Moreover, there is international payment, like credit card. Therefore the transaction become easy.

Eventually, globalization causes our competitors increase. Furthermore, we are from developing country, where humans and infrastructures quality are lower than developed countrues. With this conditition, we usually become the loser in competition. To illustrate, we can see fruit disply in traditional market and supermarket. There are Apple Fuji from China, African Apple, American grapes, Pakistan orange, etc. Local fruit is rarely found there. In addition, the amount of local fruit is also limited. It is caused many things. The first, the quality of local fruit is worse than abroad fruit. Moreover, the price of local fruit is more expensive. So, the consumers prefer cheaper and better fruit, from abroad. My illustration also happens in another areas in our life, like education, politics, culture, etc.

Finally, I think globalization gives more disadvantages than advantages in our life. We can not avoid the disadvantage of globalization. The only way we can do is to improvement our quality, in order to compete with another countries.


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