Mobile advertisement

In Batam, mobile advertisement now become a trends. What is mobile advertisement?There is a big picture, in back of car, especially taxi and angkot. Now, the trends are a picture of parliament candidate, becuase the election will held in 9 April 2009. I think the parliament candidate must be a photogenic person. If the picture is a good looking, we usually remembers easily.

Beside using mobile advertisement, there are many banner in the quarter of street. They are big banner. How much does the cost? I think it is a very high cost. The parliament candidate must a rich man or woman.

I like banner Mrs Asnah, Mr Rahmadsyah, and Helmy Hemilton. Actually, I don’t know, who are they…but I am vary familiar with their face. They always smile, in morning, noon, afternoon, night, and morning again.


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