Some Comments about Laskar Pelangi Film


I watch Laskar Pelangi in position first line of seat in 21, because there are many watchers that want to watch this film. We arrive at 21 on time. Do you know, it is not wise to arrive at 21 ontime, because we usually late or get a bad position of seat.

The film is very good, in acting, scenario, and also the sound track. I like the sound track very much. It is sung by Nidji, my favorite singer.  My daughter is impressed with simple school. The school that will flood when rain and there are also some sheep in the room. I amazed with Lintang, with his spirit to go to school, to take may knowledge. Lintang is very smart. I boring with Andrea, because he has falling in love in very youth age. It is not interesting.


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