Activity in First Day 2009

In first day 2009, I am at home with my daughter. There is offering from my neighborhood, Mr. Rifi to go to Barelang bridge and Barelang Beach, but I can not go, because my husband will arrive this morning from Singapore. We miss him very much.  While waiting my husband, I learns about Generic concept in Java Programming. Do you know about  generic? It is a new material for me, so, I has work hard to understand it, because I will present the material in Monday.

In the noon, he arrives. We get a gift from him. I get flash disk with laser ray. It is cute and beautiful. The flash disk capacity is 2 GByte. Nice. It is a good combination. I can use laser ray to point at my presentation. My daughter also get flash disk.  After that, he talk about masquerade party in Singapore. Actually I dissappointed because can
not go to Singapore. It is about my passport that has been expired, also my identity card that has been expired too. Actually, if I want to get new passport, I must has identity card and family card. I am enclosing the identity card and family card, but the time is limited to enclose passport too.


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