Bank in 30 Desember 2008

Today, I want to transfer any money to BRI Surabaya. I go to bank at 8.30. The bank has been full. I receive queue number at 209. I look at display lamp, it is still 25. Wow, a long queue.

Finally, I decide to go to campus and back to bank at this noon. Around 13.00, I go to bank. Apparently, the bank has closed. Why? I don’t know too. I ask to people that queue too. They also don’t know, why the bank has closed faster than usual.

I try to wait at moment. The weather is very hot. My eye looks by dazzle. It is not good time to wait. I try to search some information, but there is not a clarity. Finally I decide to back to campus, back to my work, and transfer after 5 Januray 2009.

Actually, holiday,especially long holiday likes this week, from 25 December 2008 s.d. 4 January 2009, is very nice. But, some time it makes a peevish. Like the case above, I want to bank, but the bank is closed early. Maybe the teller still want to go holiday too. Maybe…


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